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Powerful Safety Boat

The Takacat 420LX combines all the distinctive features of the Takacat line with an extra wide platform, making it a workhorse on the water. The wide platform means the boat can hold up to 7 people. Even with all the extra room, it still packs down to fit in the trunk.


Length - 13' 9"  

Weight - 111 lbs  

Max 20hp (see all comparable specs in the table below)


Quick-release wheels, rod holders, and motors sold separately. Click HERE to view Takacat Accessories.


Safe, Durable, Quality. 

All Takacat catamaran inflatables sold in the USA have a CE certificate (Category "C") and thereby meet the EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. Takacat inflatable catamarans are manufactured according to the international manufacturing standard of ISO 6185-2 whereby all joints are glued with a quality adhesive, which keeps the material supple, a required feature for foldable inflatables. Additionally, because of the UV radiation requirements in New Zealand and Australia, the fabric used to manufacture Takacat inflatables are treated with a strong UV protector tested to 4.5 out of 5 according to ISO 4892-3:2006. 



PriceFrom $3,149.00

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