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Travel 1103C 3HP  -  $2,948 

The globally successful Travel electric outboard comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery and a built-in on-board computer with GPS.

The reliable and powerful electric motor with direct drive ensures dynamic response, is unrivaled in its efficiency and remains whisper-quiet.

Travel e-motors can take you far and are genuinely light: The Travel 603 weighs just 34.2 lbs., the 500 Wh battery only 9.3 lbs. and even floats. Our most powerful Travel 1103 with a 915 Wh battery also guarantees easy handling thanks to its total weight of 38 lbs.. Whether you are a sailor, angler, nature lover, ... - the Travel powers you!

  • USB adapter: use your battery to charge your smartphone

  • On-board computer and magnetic emergency kill switch

  • Charging socket for recharging from a standard power outlet, a solar charger, or from a 12V connection

  • Lithium high-performance battery, high energy density, excellent high-current capacity, safe

  • Available in long and short shaft

  • Maximum efficiency propulsion

Torqeedo Travel Electric Outboard

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