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Portable Tender

Packed full of the innovative features that define Takacat, the Takacat T300LX is the flagship tender and most popular smaller day boat in the Takacat LX range. This boat has repeatedly proven to be a truly fun and reliable tender by thousands of passionate boaters.


Length - 9' 10"  

Weight - 64 lbs  

Max 10hp (see all comparable specs in the table below)


Quick-release wheels, rod holders, and motors sold separately. Click HERE to view Takacat Accessories.


Safe, Durable, Quality. 

All Takacat catamaran inflatables sold in the USA have a CE certificate (Category "C") and thereby meet the EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. Takacat inflatable catamarans are manufactured according to the international manufacturing standard of ISO 6185-2 whereby all joints are glued with a quality adhesive, which keeps the material supple, a required feature for foldable inflatables. Additionally, because of the UV radiation requirements in New Zealand and Australia, the fabric used to manufacture Takacat inflatables are treated with a strong UV protector tested to 4.5 out of 5 according to ISO 4892-3:2006. 


PriceFrom $2,099.00

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